Top 10 Voltage Sensor Arduino – Komponenten & Ersatzteile

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1. Homengineer

Homengineer 5X 0-25V Spannungssensor Analogsignal 5 zu 1 Spannungsteiler passiv gekühlt f. Arduino Raspberry Pi etc.

Homengineer - 002445v auflösung bei 10 bit ADV z. B. Passive kühlung der Widerstände auf dem Board integriert. Ideal zum Überprüfen von Batterieladungen oder messen mit aktiver Sensoren. Arduino. Als spannungsteiler 30 KOhm / 7, 5 KOhm nutzbar. Spannungsmessbereich 0-25V entsprechen 0-5V Ausgangsspannung.


ANGEEK ZMPT101B Active Single Phase Voltage Transformer Module AC Output Voltage Sensor for Arduino

ANGEEK - Voltage transformer: Onboard Precision Micro Voltage Transformer. Operational amplifier circuit: high-precision on-board amplifier circuit, the signal to do the exact sampling and appropriate compensation and other functions. Output signal: the output signal for the sine wave, the waveform of the median DC component. Supply voltage: 5-30v. Mode voltage output: the module can measure AC voltage within 250V, the corresponding output mode can be adjusted.

3. Waveshare

Waveshare DC3.3-5V 200nm-370nm Response Wavelength UV Detection Sensor Module Ultraviolet Ray UV Sensor Module for Arduino

Waveshare - Mounting holes size: 2. 0mm. Dimension: 22. 0mm * 16. 0mm. Output voltage boosts along with the ambient ultraviolet intensity increases;Onboard amplifier circuit with adjustable amplification factor. Response spectrum: 200nm-370nm. How to use:in the case of working with a mcu: vcc ↔ 3. 3v ~ 5. 0v; gnd ↔ power supply ground; AOUT ↔ MCU. Io analog output.
Höhe9 cm (3.54 Zoll)
Länge18 cm (7.09 Zoll)
Gewicht0.01 kg (0.02 Pfund)
Breite10 cm (3.94 Zoll)
ArtikelnummerUV Sensor
ModellUV Sensor

4. Aukru

Aukru 3x HC-SR501 Menschliche Körper Pyroelektrizität Infrarot PIR Bewegungssensor Modul für Arduino und Raspberry

Aukru - 7m / 23 feet-das potentiometer im uhrzeigersinn, erfassungsbereich verringert ca. Delay einstellung potentiometer im Uhrzeigersinn, die andere Hand, um die Entfernung Erfassungsbereich angepasst erhöht ca. 5 s. Arbeitsbereich Spannung: DC 5V-20V. Infrarot Sensor mit Kontrolle Platine. 7 meter, sensor verzögerung länger über 300 s, im Gegenteil, Induktion durch die kurze Verzögerung ca. 3 meter. 3x stück : hc-sr501 human Sensor Module Pyroelectric Infrared. Ausgangsspannung: 3, 3 V hoch / 0V niedrig. Notizen -detektionsrang: ca.
Gewicht0.05 kg (0.11 Pfund)
ArtikelnummerEU-3x HC-SR501 Body infrared
ModellEU-3x HC-SR501 Body infrared

5. Sun3Drucker

Analog Capacitive Soil 3stk Moisture Sensor V1.2 Wide Voltage Corrosion Resistant with Cable for Arduino Raspberry Pi

Sun3Drucker - Compatible with dfrobot 3-pin "Gravity" interface, which can be directly connected to the Gravity I/O expansion shield. Includes an onboard voltage regulator which gives it an operating voltage range of 3. 3 ~ 5. 5v. Measures soil moisture levels by capacitive sensing. Supports 3-pin gravity sensor interface. Analog output, insert it into soil and feedback with the real-time soil moisture data. Used to garden plants, moisture detection, intelligent agriculture.

6. iHaospace

IHaospace 5V Laser Recevier Sensor Module Relay Switch for Arduino Pack of 5

iHaospace - It's sensitive to ambient light, please keep the sensor in the dark environment. All of these sensor modules pass the quality inspection one by one before shipping. Warm tips: users need to have relevant electronic knowledge to test this module, such as input voltage is too high, power supply is unstable, due to some improper use will damage the module, polarity reversed.

The sensor is bent for easier shipping, user can adjust it easily. Package included: 5pcs laser recevier sensor modules. Working voltage: 5v, module size: 1. 52x2. 22cm/06"x09". Or it can be tripped by ambient light, suggest shielding the sensor by a black tube if it is necessary in bright areas.

Ihaospace icstation 5v laser recevier sensor module relay switch for Arduino, it is a non-modulated laser receiver module, has two layers circuit board, have given room for a mounting hole. In case you recieved defective module, please contact with Icstation service team firstly, all customers emails will be replied in 24 hours as technology supports.
ArtikelnummerLaser Recevier Sensor Module

7. iHaospace

IHaospace 2 Pcs ACS712 ACS712ELC Current Sensor Module 30A Measuring Range Range Current Sensor for Arduino

iHaospace - Pin 5v power supply, on-board power indicator. There is no the detection current through, the output voltage is VCC / 2. Pcb boardsize: 27. 4 mm x11. 8 mm. This power sensor acs712 can measure temperatures current up to 30A.

8. iHaospace

IHaospace 2 Pcs ACS712 ACS712ELC Current Sensor Module 5A Measuring Range Range Current Sensor for Arduino

iHaospace - There is no the detection current through, the output voltage is VCC / 2. This power sensor acS712 can measure temperatures current up to 5A. Pcb boardsize: 27. 4 mm x11. 8 mm. Pin 5v power supply, on-board power indicator.

9. iHaospace

IHaospace 10 Pcs DC 0-25V Voltage Sensor Voltage Tester Sensor for Arduino Raspberry Pi

iHaospace - This module is based on a resistive divider principle design, make the interface terminal input voltage reduced 5 times, A rduino analog input voltage up to 5V, then the input voltage of the voltage detection module can not be greater than 5V × 5 = 25V if used 3.3v system, the input voltage can not exceed 3. 3vx5 = 16. 5v. Voltage analog resolution: 000489v. The positive terminal connected to VCC, the negative connected toGND. Voltage input range: DC0-25V. Voltage detection range: DC002445v-25v.

10. CQRobot

CQRobot Ocean: Ultraviolet Sensor Compatible with Raspberry Pi/Arduino Board. Onboard Si1145 and ADC chip. I2C, NO Need to Calibrate Ultraviolet Output Value, Measurement of Ambient Light Intensity.

CQRobot - Integrates si1145 chip with embedded ADC, but also, detects not only ultraviolet, Ambient light intensity. Onboard voltage translator, compatible with 3. 3v/5v operating voltages, Compatible with Raspberry Pi/Arduino Motherboard. Supports interrupt output, programmable upper/lower threshold. Wiki: http://www. Cqrobot. Wiki/index. Php/uv_Sensor. Directly output ultraviolet index value via the I2C interface, needs no calculation.